Our current selection of gift items.

All profits from the gift store items will go to support
​Rest Assured Respite Charitable Trust.

10% discount offered when purchasing 3 or more items. Placemat and Coaster are counted as a set.

Photo Block Prints
Choose the print and size.
5" x 5" or 6'"x 6" x  approx. 1" (25mm) - black matt frame.
There are a range of prints available. If you dont see what

you would like in a particular size, contact us and we will
see how we  can help. The prints come with a stand
or can be hung on the wall.
5" x 5"  $ 18.50 ea
6" x 6"  $24.50 ea

*We have almost sold out of black photo blocks and only have a few in stock. If interested please email to find out which ones *

Mugs for Him, Her and Kids
Your choice of photo, or a selection of them
from those shown for blocks, on a mug. 

 Add $2.00 if you would like it personalised
with name or saying.

Kids Gifts
Mug  - See picture options $12.00 ( more coming soon)
Personalised add $2.00
1 Placemat and 1coaster to match $16.50 - Feather series
Kids 60 piece puzzle  ea $14.50 Feather series
Kids photo blocks  $15.50 ea 6" x 4" Feather series

To order 
Please send us a message with: 

    1.  name of the item (photo block/s, mug, placemat and               coaster or puzzle)
    2.  size  of the item (photo blocks only) and
    3. how many of each
    4.  your name  
    5.  your postal address

We will quote on postage for you.
  If in stock they can be posted immediately otherwise please      allow a week for ordering and processing before they
will be sent.
Please check back as more items will be added.

If you are an artist and would like to offer items to be sold through our gift shop, please contact us.

Designs avaialable  on:
Puzzles, Photo blocks, Placemats and Coasters, Mugs.

Order Enquiry
  1. Feijoa Fuit - Whole
  2. Feijoa Flowers
  3. Flax Flowers
  4. Gum Leaves
  5. Strawberry Flowers
  6. Scallop Shell - weathered
  7. Limpet Shell
  8. Scallop Shell
  9. Butterfly Shell
  10. Paua Shell
  11. Seahorse
  12. 4 Shells
  13. Feijoas - inside
  14. Mug - Seahorse - Back
  15. Mug - Seahorse - Front
  16. Mug - Sleeping Mouse - Front
  17. Mug - Sleeping Mouse - Back
  18. Mug - Love in a Mist Flower - Front
  19. Mug - Love in a Mist Flower - Back
  20. 60 Piece Puzzle, Mug, Photo Block or Placemat and Coaster
  21. 60 Piece Puzzle, Mug, Photo Block or Placemat and Coaster
  22. Mug - fruit and flowers front view
  23. 60 piece Jigsaw puzzle - feather and dragonfly
  24. Placemat and Coasters 1
  25. Placemat and coasters 2
  26. Mug - fruit and flowers back view
  27. Mug - fruit and flowers side view
  28. Feather and dragonfly photo block 6" x 4"
  29. Fish photo block 6" x 4"